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2012-03-01 04:05:14 by Solomonaros

Looks like work is postponed again. I've just not gotten a big enough following (or any following) to make enough money to exist solely on animating, so my job takes up most of my time. Artist has gotta eat, ya know? I suppose that's why they call them starving artists? Anyway, random jokes aside, I do plan on releasing something as soon as I can.

Another random side note. I actually miss the random comments on these blogs saying "penis" or "fag" over and over. At least it meant there was a chance someone read my blog posts. Now it just feels like I'm writing to keep myself motivated on the goal of getting stuff done (which is pretty much the case), rather than keeping my fans up to tabs.

What am I saying? I have hundreds of fans! I hear them whispering to me when I'm asleep. Not entirely sure why they're fixated on me burning down the neighbor's house, though.

-Your totally sane lord and master,


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2012-03-01 09:31:06

That smiley depresses me. *Hugs* There there whoever you are, it's okay.

Solomonaros responds:

O.O A comment? Suddenly feeling motivated to get back to work : 3 Thank you, so very much.