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2012-03-26 06:26:05 by Solomonaros

I really need to just go back to Actionscript 2.0. I got the new stuff, CS 5.5, and it has AS 3.0 on it as well as the old stuff. And they changed EVERY F*CKING THING. It makes little sense to me, and coding games is less of a hassle and more of an impossibility... but if I want to be more than just a designer, I need to learn to deal with it and incorporate it into my stuff. It's a bad situation.

But, I've thought of an idea. I'll just animate in AS 2.0 until I get AS 3.0 down, then go in and convert all the code of my old stuff so it's more compatible with HTML5... Well, that's the plan, anyway. I could always go mad and say to Hell with the whole thing before then.

In other news, I start college soon - after much delay. Since I'm going in for computer science, I should get some aid in my long term goal of taking over the wo- starting a career in programming for larger clients. I thought of how cool it would be to be a programmer for someone like Valve. Pipe dreams aside (ba dum tish), I really hope this is the right decision.



2012-03-01 04:05:14 by Solomonaros

Looks like work is postponed again. I've just not gotten a big enough following (or any following) to make enough money to exist solely on animating, so my job takes up most of my time. Artist has gotta eat, ya know? I suppose that's why they call them starving artists? Anyway, random jokes aside, I do plan on releasing something as soon as I can.

Another random side note. I actually miss the random comments on these blogs saying "penis" or "fag" over and over. At least it meant there was a chance someone read my blog posts. Now it just feels like I'm writing to keep myself motivated on the goal of getting stuff done (which is pretty much the case), rather than keeping my fans up to tabs.

What am I saying? I have hundreds of fans! I hear them whispering to me when I'm asleep. Not entirely sure why they're fixated on me burning down the neighbor's house, though.

-Your totally sane lord and master,


2012-02-14 15:12:17 by Solomonaros

So, I've learned something rather important about the whole "Independent Artist with a Day Job" path I've taken to. That day job takes up way more time than actually being an artist. Furthermore, "Independent Artist with a Day Job and a Girlfriend" tends to sap even more time and energy out of my normal creating routine. Don't get me wrong, I like the way life is unfolding for me right now, it's just not leaving a lot of time for the things that I enjoy doing on my own. Perhaps I could try animating while hanging out with the girlfriend, but I doubt it will be as productive as I was when I was single. Then again... Steady supply of affection and money... am I really better off pursuing this artistic lifestyle?

-Master of Indecisiveness


2012-01-21 17:49:14 by Solomonaros

Permission gained. I hope you're ready, my future Solo-fans. I'm working on the project as we speak. I suspect with the intended minimum length of the the video, the work I have to do on the side to make everything run smoothly, and my day job, this video will probably take a couple week (I hope) to finish. I'm not releasing until I smooth out every little imperfection. I want this one to be the best submission yet : 3 Higher frame rate than last time too : o I'm trying to get to the point where 20 is my norm for timing reasons - a lot easier to divide by 20 than 12. I hope none of you mind the wait (hurr hurr).

-The Man Who Is TOTALLY Not Obsessed With Food


2012-01-20 17:14:57 by Solomonaros

Dear future followers/worshipers,

My cord has arrived in the mail. I'm now waiting on the reply of the artist whose music I am planning on using in my next video. While that's in the works, I plan out my first game submission. I assure you that this game will be epic, even if it takes a while to come out with. More on the artist thingie when I hear from her.

-Demigod of Toasters


2012-01-17 17:31:32 by Solomonaros

I hate waiting periods with online orders. It's a necessary evil, I'm afraid. At least until Teleportation is perfected. In the waiting period, I suggest checking out the music of the lovely Hayley Jane. She had a bandcamp page, so you can check out her music for free. However, if you want, her albums are prety cheap - and you should support independent artists! Here's a link: Hayley Jane's Bandcamp Page

That's all I've got for today. Still waiting on my package...

-Count of Monterrey Jack

Back on Track

2012-01-12 21:08:45 by Solomonaros

Solo here, letting you all know that I'm not dead. Just got paid at the bakery and the order for a new cord put in. I'll be back to animating in no time. I've got a f***ing ballin' new concept for a flash animation that will help get my skills showcased a bit and promote an independent artist - assuming she lets me use her song. I'll bug her about it after my power adapter arrives since I can't do any work before then anyway.

Other than that, I've got a few more game ideas, but no real drive to work on them. I'm learning Javascript so I could techinally get on that any time I want. Seriously, Javascript is like... so easy. I can see why they keep telling me Flash is dead. I kind of love Flash though, so I'll never be able to completely drop it. Anyway, that's all I've got for today.

-Lord of Fries


2011-12-01 18:07:24 by Solomonaros

I am soooo annoyed right now. My only computer with Flash, and the only one that I had my current project saved on, finally crapped out on me. The cord that was keeping it alive (it has no battery) finally completely severed, meaning it won't even turn on until I get a new cord. The problem is my computer is so old that there runs the risk that Best Buy (or whatever electronics store I choose to go to) won't even carry the damn thing. Which means I'll have to buy the cord online, which is all kinds of annoying. Until they can teleport mail directly to one's house the day of the order, I won't be happy with online ordering of physical things...

One more thing - Dear Auto Correct, TELEPORT IS SOOOOO A WORD!


2011-11-28 03:50:33 by Solomonaros

Played Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill all day. Fun game, but I accomplished precisely jack shit all day. I feel so bad now D: Anyway, back to the project at hand. Anyone have any favorite sound effects sites? The ones I've found all kind of suck a lot xD Gimmie a link or two. That would be sweet.

Peace out
- Solomonaros

First Submission. Got.

2011-11-26 04:44:11 by Solomonaros

Read the Subject. Already got a ton a views, and a bunch of votes after a few seconds. I hope they liked it... It's funny. I was so confident, but when I'm under judgement, I get all... apologetic and self conscious. I'm starting to see so many things I would do differently... but fuck going back :P I'm going to let come what may. If you haven't seen it, please have a look. It's a minute or two and it has some fun music. Be sure to vote and junk.

-Hug and Grenades